Councillor Kathleen LeslieKathleen Leslie

Kathleen Leslie is the Scottish Conservative & Unionist councillor for Burntisland, Kinghorn and Western Kirkcaldy.

Kathleen grew up in Fife spending most weekends and summers in Kinghorn. Following completing degrees at both Stirling and Edinburgh University, Kathleen pursued a teaching career which took her abroad and then back to Scotland. She trained as a History teacher and then read for an MSc, allowing her to teach Modern Studies; “it made sense, I have always been obsessed about politics and political systems and wanted to be able to share my knowledge and learning with young people. I now work with young people with Additional Support Needs and see first hand how damaging SNP government cuts have been to young people. It is simply not good enough.”

During the referendum Kathleen actively campaigned with Better Together for a No vote and is completely opposed to a further referendum. “I believe in a strong Scotland within a stronger United Kingdom, Brexit will make this even more important to everyone across the UK. Nationalism is something that terrifies me and I do not wish to see further division across Scotland, the wounds of 2014 are still healing”.

Kathleen with Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson





I believe democracy starts at the local level and that each town and village has a unique identity and needs, a vote for the Scottish Conservatives in May will see local people being given more of a voice and them being listened to.








My priorities are:

  • Road repairs – the state of the roads, particularly around residential areas are a disgrace
  • Facilities for young people – young people from toddlers to teens need more recreational space, whether it be play-parks or activities for youths in the evenings and weekends, I want to see more amenities available
  • Bus services – local bus services around Burntisland and Kinghorn have been cut. This is not good enough, there needs to be a rethink about public transport, particularly with links into Edinburgh but also between smaller towns
  • Lack of disabled and pram access – this is a problem at both Burntisland and Kinghorn stations, unacceptable in 2017
  • Dog-fouling and litter – only by a few but the health risks are great, this needs to be tackled
  • To continue to oppose a second referendum. The SNP government must get back to the day job. For too long they have failed the NHS, education and policing whilst only appearing interested in having a second divisive and damaging referendum.


Please email Kathleen if you have any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kathleen Leslie

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