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Councillor Gavin Ellis

Gavin Ellis is the Scottish Conservative and Unionist councillor in Dunfermline North.


Councillor Gavin EllisOne thing I’ve always been proud of since my election in 2017 is the amount of community spirit there is around Dunfermline North and how engaged residents were in politics especially at local level.


I have worked for over a decade in a council environment ranging from housing to anti social behaviour and currently environmental protection and have seen first hand the devastating effects Scottish Government cuts have had on services from simple issues like weed spraying to refuse collection, Anti Social behaviour problems in our community. Some of these services are heavily relied on and need to be protected from any further cuts. Unfortunately since 2017 we have seen the SNP & Labour administration here in Fife continue to oversee yet more reductions in our services.


I believe that government whether it be local or central should always be answerable to the people and must always look to consult with local residents. Unfortunately one thing I have learned since 2017 is that as an opposition councillor the SNP & Labour are quick to dismiss your legitimate concerns on behalf of residents. It’s time they are reminded they work for you and your concerns and voices will be heard and I intent to keep doing that.


I have made progress on a number of issues across Dunfermline North and Dunfermline as a Town, However I feel my greatest achievement in my term as councillor was to make sure that the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy had a rethink of its maternity services and I secured a new layout and comfort rooms for those parents who have suffered baby loss or are suspected of having complications, This was an issue that affected residents across Fife. I have spoken to parents who have been through the service since the changes and they feel it’s much more suitable now. I have also stood for making sure that Dunfermline leads the way in signposting those suffering with a mental health concern are signposted to the right place to assist.


You can email Gavin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.