Conservatives Welcome Rethink on Car park Charges

The Conservatives on Fife Council have welcomed the decision to think again about imposing additional car parking charges.

Group Leader, Cllr Dave Dempsey said “As well as adding to the costs of already hard pressed commuters, the proposed charges flew in the face of common sense. It’s a nonsense to ask the

public to adopt a particular behaviour and then penalise them for doing so, yet governments of all hues and at all levels do this again and again. If you want someone to do something then one of the best ways is to make that something easier, cheaper or pleasanter than the alternative. If you accept that then you don’t charge for commuter parking unless you want fewer commuters on public transport. Equally, you don’t charge for town centre parking unless you want fewer shoppers.

Whatever amended proposals Labour bring forward need to pass this test. If we believe in moving commuters to public transport then increased parking charges are simply wrong.

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