Councillor Calls for Rethink on Bus Lanes

Dave Dempsey, Conservative Councillor for Inverkeithing, Dalgety Bay & Aberdour, has called for a rethink on letting taxis use the bus lanes north of the Forth Road Bridge.
Cllr Dempsey said “We raised this at a Council meeting several years ago, without success. However, recent developments show it up in a new light.
“I was contacted by a constituent who has a contract to taxi Fife kids to/from the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh. He observes that once over the Bridge he can take advantage of the bus lanes to shorten the journey time. However, on the Fife side, he’s barred as the lanes are restricted to busses with more than 23 seats.
“Up till recently, the only Fife bus lane was a short stretch just north of the Road Bridge. However, that’s now extended to Halbeath. As the new bridge nears completion, there are going to be periods of greater disruption so who can use the extra lanes becomes more important.
The Council have contacted the Forth Replacement Crossing team and received a detailed explanation as to why the new system is different from traditional bus lanes. We were also told that the new scheme had been subject to consultation but some problems don’t show up till the changes have been made.
We can argue about whether taxis in general should have priority but that’s no consolation to the Fife schoolchildren stuck in traffic jams. It's sad that these kids have their disability; it's doubly sad that it requires them to be educated far from home; it's triply sad that their journey is artificially lengthened by these regulations. It shouldn’t be beyond the wit of man to sort this out.

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