Councillor Dempsey Issues Invitation to Talk Rubbish Collections
Cllr Dave Dempsey, chair of Fife Council’s Environment, Finance & Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee (EFCSSC) has issued an invitation to Dougie Maguire of the Unite trade union to take part in any future review of the upcoming changes to bin collection times in Fife.
Cllr Dempsey said “I was pleased to see that Mr Maguire’s members have voted against striking. That’s got to be good for everybody. I see too that he wants the new changes to be subject to review. The EFCSSC committee was set up last May to carry out just that sort of review. We’re empowered to look at areas of interests in a whole variety of ways, including “select committee” style hearings where we can invite anyone we want to come along and give us insights into the issues.
If, after a few months for the system to bed in, Mr Maguire’s members are still uneasy, I’d be more than happy to add bin collection to our work programme and to invite him to come along and tell us what he knows.”
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