Fife Council Shock Vote To Retain Ageist Disabled Policy


The SNP and Liberal Democrat alliance running Fife Council voted today
to continue to discriminate against disabled people aged under 60,
winning by 38 to 30 votes.

The Labour group initially proposed an amendment but conceded the
Conservative & Independent Unionist point, and supported them. Only 8
councillors made the difference.

“Was your councillor one of the ageist 38?” asks Cllr Dave Dempsey,
Leader of the Conservative and Independent Unionist Group.  The motion
sought to disregard the age threshold in charges faced by the disabled.

Cllr Dempsey explained: “The home care charge for an individual is
calculated by taking their income, subtracting various outgoings such as
rent and then levying a charge if what’s left exceeds a particular
threshold. What no-one can explain is why that threshold is much lower
for a 59 year old than it is for a 61 year old. This can result in the
59 year old paying £22 per week more for the same service. The SNP/Lib
Dem administration accept that this is an ‘anomaly’ but they want to
wait for a change in the national guidelines before they act. There’s
no need to wait. Fife Council has the power to fix this today.”

Cllr Mike Scott-Hayward, who seconded the motion, called on councillors
to address their own consciences. “There is no legislation that says
we must levy charges that leave people with just the minimum. We can
leave them with more; we can have a level playing field and not hurt the
under 60’s. Will you, as a councillor, sleep well if you failed to
support the motion?”

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