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Sturgeon vows again to use Brexit to pursue break-up of UK

Nicola Sturgeon made it clear again today that she intends to use the Brexit process to agitate for independence.

She was challenged on the issue by Scottish Conservative interim leader Jackson Carlaw in Holyrood at First Minister’s Questions.

The First Minister repeatedly talked up the prospects of Scotland being ripped out of the UK, and admitted she and her party have “never stopped” campaigning for separation.

Mr Carlaw demanded to know why she felt breaking up the union that matters most to Scotland would be a good idea, pointing out the UK market was worth four times more in value than the European Union.

And he urged her to start acting “in the national interest, not the nationalist one”.

Scottish Conservative interim leader Jackson Carlaw said:


“The last thing the people of Scotland want is more division and uncertainty.

“Yet the First Minister is using Brexit developments to do exactly that.

“Far from acting in the national interest, Nicola Sturgeon is only acting in the nationalist one.

“Using Brexit to agitate for independence didn’t work for the SNP immediately after the Brexit vote, and it won’t work this time.

“It’s time for Nicola Sturgeon to take the threat of another independence referendum off the table, and start governing in Scotland’s interests.”

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