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100,000 people waiting for Covid booster jags

Nicola Sturgeon has agreed to “assess” if more Covid vaccination clinics are necessary after it was revealed more than 100,000 people in Scotland are still waiting for a booster jag.

At Tuesday’s Covid update, Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross asked the First Minister to consider bringing in extra Covid vaccine clinics after dozens of constituents were sent considerable distances to get a booster jag.

In response to Douglas Ross, she also suggested that NHS Grampian’s request for Armed Forces assistance to deliver the booster jag may be unnecessary, despite the health board seeking military help more than a week ago.

Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross said: “More than 100,000 people, who should now be getting a booster jag, are still waiting.

“Nicola Sturgeon is hiding behind the JCVI advice to excuse the SNP’s slow rollout of the booster programme.

“Those 100,000 people should be getting a jag now but the First Minister couldn’t say what is holding those jags up.

“I’m pleased Nicola Sturgeon agreed to reassess if there are enough Covid vaccine clinics but the question remains – why has the situation been allowed to reach this critical point?

“NHS Grampian are still waiting on the Scottish Government to respond to their request for Armed Forces assistance and it seems from her responses that Nicola Sturgeon thinks they don’t need any extra resources to deliver Covid jags. Her government must urgently submit this request to the Ministry of Defence to ensure the health board gets the assistance they have asked for.  

“Repeatedly, the SNP Government has failed to properly plan ahead and heed the warning signs. This government has dithered and delayed instead of acting.

“Way back in January, when the Covid vaccine was first rolled out, there was a real urgency to deliver it. Where is that urgency now?”