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Scottish Conservatives urge RMT union to rule out strike action

The Scottish Conservatives have urged the RMT union to cancel their planned strike action during COP26.

Shadow Transport Minister Graham Simpson has urged the union and SNP Government to avert the possibility of Scotland’s transport network grinding to a halt with the world watching.

On Wednesday in the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish Conservative transport spokesman will urge all parties to stop playing political games, end the stalemate, and take the threat of strike action off the table.

He will raise that strike action could severely restrict the movement of key workers, given the significant road closures in place in Glasgow during COP26, and prevent thousands of Glaswegians from getting to work.


Scottish Conservative Shadow Transport Minister, Graham Simpson MSP, said: “Industrial action by the RMT at this time would be deeply irresponsible – and we strongly urge them to rule it out.

“The SNP Government should have acted far sooner to break the deadlock - but the RMT must look at the bigger picture on the eve of COP26.

“Strike action could cripple Glasgow’s transport network when the eyes of the world are on the city, doing huge damage to Glasgow’s reputation.

“Unless there is a speedy resolution, working people could be prevented from getting to their work, including frontline doctors and nurses at the QEUH or Royal Infirmary.

“This is not a time for opportunism or political games, when Glasgow is about to be the focus of the world’s attention.”