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Sturgeon’s ‘focus’ is Indyref2

Speaking in an interview this morning, Nicola Sturgeon, has again made it clear that indyref2 is “her focus” ahead of the EU elections.

The Scottish Conservatives have said that the First Minister’s priority has always been to use the upcoming elections to try to push for another independence referendum.


Jackson Carlaw, Scottish Conservative deputy leader said:


“Nicola Sturgeon has made clear today that, as she puts it, ‘her focus’ at these elections is a second independence referendum.

“Once again we see the reality: it doesn’t matter what the election is– Nicola Sturgeon’s priority is always to try and use it to push through the one thing she cares about – independence.

“Only by voting Scottish Conservative and Unionist on May 23rd can people send her a message - no to any more referendums.

“It’s time to respect the results of the referendums we have held, deliver a sensible Brexit and then let Scotland and the whole UK move on.”



Notes to editors:

Transcript of the interview is here – Nicola Sturgeon said; “My focus as SNP leader is firstly on winning the European elections next week because that’s how we send the strongest possible message that Scotland doesn’t want Brexit and then of course the legislation we’ll bring forward later this month in taking the steps to give people in Scotland a choice of independence later in this term of parliament. That’s my focus as SNP leader and that’s what the party is focused on.”

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