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Household trailers still banned at Fife recycling centres.

Last year Fife Council banned householders with double axle trailers from Fife’s recycling centres in a bid to prevent commercial operators abusing the system.

Despite numerous complaints from private householders an initiative by Conservative councillors Dominic Nolan and Gavin Ellis to allow them to deposit their domestic or garden waste has been rejected by Fife Council’s Labour/SNP coalition at Thursday’s Fife Council meeting.

Councillor Andy Heer, Conservative environment spokesman, said “You’d think it would be common sense. We were assured that double axle trailers were mostly used by commercial operators. This proved not to be the case and many private householders were caught by the ban which was not the original intention.”

“All that would be required would be to allow householders with a double axle trailer to sign a declaration, the same as people with large vans are allowed to do. Businesses would still have to pay to dispose of their trade waste but the ordinary householder who has a trailer load of rubbish or garden waste would be able to access their local recycling centre.”

“It’s summertime now when people are working in their gardens and doing DIY projects about their homes but the Council’s Labour/SNP administration has rejected this simple solution to allow ordinary people to recycle their waste. Instead they’ve referred it back to a strategic committee which doesn’t meet until September.”

“It’s a failed policy, not in the interest of the taxpayers and the Administration should be ashamed of itself.”

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