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Taxpayers ‘facing consequences’ of SNP’s shipyard negligence

Scottish taxpayers may have to come to the rescue of the SNP’s botched approach to shipbuilding, it has been warned.

It was reported this morning that ministers want to nationalise the Ferguson shipyard on the Clyde.

This is despite the nationalists brokering a rescue deal for “political gain” just weeks before the 2014 independence referendum.

But since then, costs for the construction of two new CalMac ferries have soared, with businessman Jim McColl – who rescued the yard in the first place – set to lose millions of pounds as a result.

Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser said:

“Responsibility for this mess begins and ends with the SNP government.

“It was Alex Salmond and his ministers who sought political gain when they brokered the deal to save Ferguson before the independence referendum in 2014, in a headline-grabbing move.

“Now, five years later, Scottish taxpayers are facing the consequences of that action.

“Nationalising the yard isn’t the answer and it won’t help Ferguson as it seeks to bid for new contracts.

“However, it appears the SNP’s desire to control everything in Scotland – on the taxpayer’s expense – trumps common sense.

“SNP ministers now must sit down with management to find a way forward – not walk back to the 1970s and a solution that won’t work.”




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