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Councillor welcomes decision to allow trailers at recycling centres.

Councillor Andy Heer has welcomed the change of heart of Fife Council’s Environment and Protective Services committee to allow owners of double axle trailers to deposit waste at Fife’s recycling centres.

“I tried to introduce a motion at June’s meeting of Fife Council but it was knocked back to the strategic committee. Today that committee has agreed that the ban was wrong and upon completion of a Household Waste Declaration householders will be allowed to take their household or garden waste to the recycling centre in a double axle trailer.

Commercial businesses will still be required to pay the required charge.

The ban simply didn’t make sense. The reasoning was that unscrupulous traders were using trailers instead of vans in order to claim that they were leaving household waste. But we still allowed vans in while banning the honest householder!

It was not just inconvenient. It meant that people who weren’t allowed to bring their garden waste on a trailer were filling their brown bins with garden waste and then putting any excess into the blue bin. Grass cuttings and weeds and other garden waste that could be going to compost or the AD plant were going into landfill at £89 per tonne landfill tax.”

“Today is a victory for common sense,” Councillor Heer concluded, “and many honest householders will be pleased and relieved.”

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