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Scottish Conservatives in last-ditch attempt to halt vaccine passport scheme

The Scottish Conservatives will push the SNP’s vaccine passport scheme to a vote in Parliament this week in a last-ditch attempt to halt the scheme. 

The party will bring forward a debate and vote on the scheme this Wednesday, calling for it to be scrapped. 

Businesses have hit out at the lack of detail and flaws in the scheme. 

With just days to go until it comes into force, businesses have said they’re not ready to administer it.

Several hospitality groups have claimed the scheme will affect more premises than originally claimed, with estimates that it could impact 2,000 businesses.

Judith Robertson of the Scottish Human Rights Commission has also warned the case for vaccine passports has not been made.

Last week the SNP refused to debate the plans.

Scottish Conservative Shadow Covid Recovery Secretary Murdo Fraser MSP, said: “The SNP’s vaccine passport scheme comes into force in just a few days but it’s a shambles.

“Businesses say this scheme is flawed. It will drive up their costs. It’s ripe for fraud. They will get no help to administer it.

“They’re still waiting for essential information and guidance because once again, the SNP has left it to the very last minute.

“The SNP’s poor planning has scuppered this scheme before it even begins.

“They have refused to debate the flaws, so we will use our own Parliamentary time to make them face scrutiny. 

“The Greens used to have serious concerns about this scheme, before they were bought off by government positions. None of their concerns about vulnerable people have been fixed.

“This unworkable scheme must be scrapped before it damages businesses and costs Scottish jobs.”



Judith Robertson from the Scottish Human Rights Commission has said the case for vaccine passports has not been made: “From our perspective that case has not been made at the moment or if it has, it is not in the public domain and that is one of the key aspects in relation to those human rights considerations that the evidence upon which decisions are being made, be placed into the public domain, so that not only the basis on which decisions are being made is clear, but that can be interrogated by a wider element of the population.” (The Scotsman, 23 September 2021, link).

Gavin Stevenson of the Night Time Industries Association Scotland has warned the ‘nightclub definition’ will affect 2,000 premises:  “It is not a definition of just nightclubs because it includes about 2,000 pubs and bars across Scotland in addition to the 100 nightclubs that are actual nightclubs. It would be fair to say that it has not in any way been communicated well by the Scottish government with only nine days to go until this policy is implemented.” (BBC, 22 September 2021, link).