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SNP’s indyref obsession ‘longest hangover in history’

The SNP’s ongoing obsession with independence has been described as the “longest hangover in history” by the Scottish Conservatives.

Ahead of the fifth anniversary of the referendum result, Jackson Carlaw said the nationalist government had spent every day since trying to overturn the decisive outcome.

He also highlighted a range of failings which have occurred as a result of having a Scottish Government completely distracted by the constitution.

Among those are the SNP’s broken promises on the NHS waiting time guarantee, the failure to deliver the new Education Bill and u-turns on sparing low-paid workers from tax hikes.

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“Five long years after the referendum, the SNP is unable to understand that Scotland clearly voted No to independence.

“Instead of focusing on the day job, Nicola Sturgeon has focused to the exclusion of all else on the only thing that matters to her and her party: how to overturn the people’s verdict and run it all over again.

“It has been the longest hangover in political history – and it is Scotland that has suffered.

“A promise to guarantee waiting times: broken. A promise to deliver a radical new Education Bill: broken. A promise to spare low paid workers from tax rises: broken.

“The only things the SNP hasn’t backed off from over the last five years are the things people want dumped – like the plan for every child to have a named person.

“Five years on, it’s time the SNP focused not on what might have been, but on what Scotland can be right now.

“We have what it takes to be the most prosperous and best-educated part of the United Kingdom.

“Nicola Sturgeon needs finally to put her defeat five years ago to one side, and deliver.”


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