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SNP on course to miss key landfill target by over 80%

The SNP is set to miss a key waste target by over 80 percent, according to the latest statistics from SEPA.

The SNP has set a target to ban biodegradable municipal waste going to landfill by 2021, yet the figures published today in ‘Waste Landfilled in Scotland 2018’ show that still over 1 million tonnes of this type of rubbish is finding its way into Scottish landfill.

The figures indicate a reduction in the landfill waste of six percent in 2018 but 1,023,364 tonnes away from the SNP’s own target of zero.

If the SNP continues at this rate, they could miss this target by over 80 percent.

In addition, just 14 councils have solutions in place to meet the ban while three had a long-term plan but no interim solution according to the Scottish Government Waste Markets Study published earlier this year. Nine had no alternative arrangements at all.

Lastly, Cosla has already stated that Scottish councils are unlikely to ban all household waste going to landfill by 2021.


Maurice Golden, Scottish Conservative shadow environment secretary said:

“It looks like the SNP is on course to miss their own key environmental target by over 80 percent.

“That would be a staggering failure by the SNP - even Cosla has stated that this target is unlikely to be hit.

“The SNP has claimed that they are taking climate change seriously, but empty promises won’t cut it.

“The SNP must implement the infrastructure that will reduce household biodegradable waste to zero and make a meaningful impact on climate change.

“Anything less from the SNP will just be seen as lip service not real action.”

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