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Scottish Conservatives force SNP to increase transparency

The Scottish Parliament today passed a resolution calling on the SNP to increase transparency with respect to vital economic data.

The SNP Government currently gets pre-release access to economic statistics before they are made publicly available.

This allows the SNP to spin all economic data to its advantage before being released to the Scottish Parliament and the public.

Ending pre-release access to statistics for the SNP government would simply bring Scotland into line with the rest of the UK and international best practice.

Dean Lockhart, Scottish Conservative shadow economy secretary said:

“The reality is that pre-release access gives the SNP 24 hours or longer to spin key economic figures, no matter how bad they are.

“The wider backdrop to this debate is the increasing concern over the level of transparency and governance under this SNP government.

“The Economy Committee is acting because the Scottish Government has refused to do so.

“The SNP government has also refused to listen to overwhelming evidence that pre-release access is contrary to the ‘EU statistics Code of Practice’ and the ‘United Nations fundamental principles of official statistics’.

“The experts are clear, the Scottish Government’s approach to pre-release access is out of step with best practice and the policies followed in other OECD countries.”

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