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SNP Labour pact to install Corbyn in Number 10 confirmed

Scotland’s decision to remain within the United Kingdom is at grave risk from a SNP-Labour coalition, the Scottish Conservatives are warning today.

It follows reports today that the SNP has decided to insert Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

Mr Corbyn has already made clear he will not block a second independence referendum if the SNP request the powers to hold one.

Kirstene Hair, Scottish Conservative MP for Angus, said:


“This report confirms what many have long suspected – SNP MPs will happily prop up Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10.

“There is no doubt that Corbyn’s weak stance on indyref2 is a deciding factor for the Nationalists.

“He has already left the door open for a re-run of the 2014 referendum if he becomes Prime Minister.

“Only a Conservative government will stand up for those who voted ‘No’ in what was meant to be a once in a generation event.”




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