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Carlaw: Sturgeon must change her mind on PM Corbyn

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw has stated that Nicola Sturgeon must change her mind on helping Jeremy Corbyn become Prime Minister.

It follows reports yesterday that Sturgeon was ready to give the Labour leader her backing to become a ‘caretaker’ Prime Minister.

Carlaw said that even temporarily putting Corbyn in charge would do ‘deep damage’ to Scotland.

He also highlighted the concerns felt by the Jewish community, with Jackson representing 40% of Scotland’s Jewish community in his Eastwood constituency.

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw MSP said:

“Given Mr Corbyn's weak stance on a second independence referendum it's no surprise Nicola Sturgeon would be happy to see him in Number Ten.

“But this is a deeply regrettable decision which, if she has any sense, she will reverse immediately.

"Corbyn's extreme politics would do deep damage to Scotland and the rest of the UK. To contemplate putting him in power, even temporarily, shows that the SNP simply doesn't care.

"Worse, being open minded to Jeremy Corbyn as UK Prime Minister is opening the door to a man who spreads genuine fear among the Jewish community.

“It beggars belief that anyone outside Corbyn's band of supporters would be prepared to see that happen.

"Nicola Sturgeon already appears to be qualifying her support for Mr Corbyn's elevation to Prime Minister. The best thing for her would now be to reverse fully and make clear she will not back him under any circumstances.”

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