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A vote for the SNP is a vote to break up the NHS

The Scottish Conservatives have accused the SNP of being the real threat to the Scottish Health Service as their quest for independence would break up the NHS.

In response to the statement from Nicola Sturgeon this morning, Jackson Carlaw, Scottish Conservative leader said that the First Minister wanted to ‘unilaterally break up’ the NHS in her bid for separation.

He goes on to say that currently the NHS in Scotland is benefitting from record funding from the UK Conservative government.

Mr Carlaw finished his broadside by claiming that the SNP has failed to pass on all the additional funding from the UK government and failed to increase NHS spending in line with the rest of the UK.


Jackson Carlaw, Leader of the Scottish Conservatives said:

“This is the same old baseless scaremongering that Nicola Sturgeon was doling out in the independence referendum campaign five years ago. People saw through it then and they’ll still see through it today.

“A vote for the SNP isn’t a vote to save the NHS, it’s a vote to break up the NHS.

“Instead of having a national health service right across the UK, Nicola Sturgeon would unilaterally break up all the valuable health relationships established across the UK, all just so she could deliver independence.

“The NHS is benefitting from significant, record funding from the UK Conservative government and we will never put the future of the NHS at risk.

“The real scandal is the SNP failure to pass on all the additional monies it has received in recent years and to increase NHS spending at the same high level as the rest of the UK."


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