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Sturgeon’s ‘hard bargain’ with Corbyn will include Indyref2

The Scottish Conservatives have described the First Minister’s ‘hard bargain’ with Jeremy Corbyn as a ‘hard deadline’ for another referendum on independence.

Nicola Sturgeon toured the chat shows this morning and doubled down on the idea of an SNP deal with Labour to secure Jeremy Corbyn in 10 Downing Street in return for Indyref2.

Speaking with Kay Burley on Sky News this morning Sturgeon refused to rule out a “confidence and supply” arrangement with the UK Labour party.

Later, on Good Morning Britain, the First Minister refused to rule out the possibility of repeated independence referendums.


Kirstene Hair, Scottish Conservative MP for Angus said:

“Nicola Sturgeon has made clear again today that she is prepared to put Jeremy Corbyn into Number Ten.

“When she says she would drive a hard bargain for Scotland in talks with Mr Corbyn, what she means is she’ll demand a hard deadline for another referendum on independence – as early as next year.

“What’s become clear from the first week of this campaign is that Mr Corbyn would cave in immediately. As his own front bench allies have made clear, when it comes to a second referendum, they are not going to stand

in the way of that.

“The stakes at this election could not be higher. Nicola Sturgeon is already being given access to the civil service if the result goes her way. We must not let her use this election to take Scotland back to more division, and a second referendum on independence next year.

“Two years ago, it was only because Scottish Conservative MPs were elected that we were able to block a Corbyn-Sturgeon double act wrecking Scotland and the UK. In 2019, we can do it again, by telling them again: no to a second independence referendum.”


On the First Minister’s appearance on Good Morning Britain, Kirstene added:

“Nicola Sturgeon made it plain this morning that she will never stop – even if she were to lose a second referendum, she’d be straight up demanding a third and a fourth.

“The only way to stop this is to vote for the one party that will always stand up for Scotland’s place in the UK – the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party.”




Notes to editors:


Link here to Nicola Sturgeon’s interview with Kay Burley on Sky News this morning where she refused to rule out a “confidence and supply” arrangement -

Link here to Nicola Sturgeon’s interview on Good Morning Britain - 1:31:30:

Q: If you held another another referendum, and you lost again, would you just keep pushing for another referendum?

Nicola Sturgeon: “Your question is hypothetical or at least I’m going to treat it as hypothetical because I think if, when, Scotland makes this choice again it will choose independence but I guess the more philosophical point here is in a democracy is it ever right for politicians to tell the voters that they’re not allowed to change their mind? 

"I mean referendums can either be final or they can be democratic because in a democracy when circumstances change voters should always have the right to change their minds, just as they do in elections every few years so I guess that’s the more fundamental and philosophical point but of course I’m confident that when Scotland makes this choice again it will choose to be independent”

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