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Anti-Brexit vote would ‘abandon’ fishing communities

A vote for any party other than the Scottish Conservatives at this election risks ‘abandoning’ fishing communities to EU rules, Jackson Carlaw said today.

The Scottish Conservative leader was speaking during an early-morning visit to Fraserburgh fish market to meet skippers and industry leaders with Banff and Buchan candidate David Duguid.

A study of the 2016 EU referendum result by analysts at East Anglia University suggested that 54% of people in Banff and Buchan voted Leave.

The Scottish Conservatives have campaigned to ensure UK and Scottish fishermen leave the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and regains control over the 200-mile exclusive economic zone.


Mr Carlaw said: “Voters in coastal communities like Fraserburgh have a clear choice at this election.

“A vote for the Scottish Conservatives means getting Brexit sorted and getting our fishermen out of the EU and the Common Fisheries Policy.

“A vote for anyone else risks abandoning our fishing fleets to EU rules and a situation where foreign vessels catch more than half the fish in our waters.

“After Brexit, we will be an independent coastal state, just like Norway, Iceland and the Faroes.

“We will negotiate annually on quotas and access, taking back control over our own waters for the first time in more than 40 years.”

Banff and Buchan candidate David Duguid said: “Returning a majority Conservative government is the only way to guarantee we respect the outcome of the 2016 referendum and leave the EU and the CFP.

“We have a deal in place that is supported by both the catching and processing sectors. We must get it over the line.

“People here in Fraserburgh know there is a huge opportunity ahead of us as we leave the EU.

“Our fishing communities have suffered under the Common Fisheries Policy for too long – we cannot afford to lose this chance to get out of the EU and seize the huge opportunity that lies ahead.”

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