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Corbyn an ‘active risk to the Union’

The Scottish Conservatives will today warn that Jeremy Corbyn “cannot be trusted” to protect the Union – amid more attacks over his leadership.

It comes as the Labour leader makes his first visit to Scotland during this election campaign.

Annie Wells, Scottish Conservative Glasgow MSP said:

“Labour voters across Scotland are deserting Jeremy Corbyn’s party.

“Thousands of them voted to ensure Scotland stayed in our Union in 2014.

“Now they see a weak, out of touch Labour leader preparing to give Nicola Sturgeon just what she wants – a re-run as early as next year.

“From his weakness on the Union to the threat he poses to our security, Mr Corbyn simply cannot be trusted. He is an active risk to the Union.”

She added:

“To those Labour voters who want a party which will still defend the Union and take the fight to Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP, you now have only one choice at this election, and that is to back the Scottish Conservatives.”

It follows comments by ex-Sea Lord Admiral and Labour peer Lord West who warned that British voters cannot trust Corbyn with the nation’s security.

Last week, former Labour MPs Ian Austin and John Woodcock both said they would be voting Conservative at the election to stop a Corbyn government.

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