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SNP tax rises cancelled out by its own economic incompetence

Money made by Nicola Sturgeon’s tax rises has effectively been cancelled out by the SNP’s mismanagement of Scotland’s economy, a report has revealed.

The Fraser of Allander Institute’s Scotland Budget Report 219 stated a weaker growth in Scotland’s tax base meant increased levies had not brought in the anticipated extra cash.

It added, in contrast, that the budget from the UK Government had increased over the course of this parliament.

And it stated that local government funding had been “disproportionately cut” by the SNP since 2010, leaving councils struggling to balance the books.

The experts said: “In each of the last three years, the Scottish Government has used its new income tax powers to raise additional revenues. However, the anticipated positive revenue impact of such decisions has been offset by weaker growth in the Scottish tax base.”

Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser said:

“This analysis exposes the SNP government as a high-tax, anti-business government which is damaging Scotland’s economy.

“It hikes up taxes at every opportunity, then cancels that out by ensuring economic growth is so dismal.

“And the result of this negligence are cuts to key services up and down the country.

“Taxpayers are being taken for a ride by the nationalists, who then squander the proceeds.

“Scotland desperately needs rid of the SNP.”



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