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Former Labour minister backs Scottish Conservatives

A former Labour government minister has said he will vote for the Scottish Conservatives at the upcoming General Election, as Jeremy Corbyn would “betray” the people of Scotland.

Tom Harris, a Labour MP in Glasgow for 14 years, said the prospect of Mr Corbyn as Prime Minister “just chills me to the bone”.

He said the Labour leader couldn’t be trusted with national security, and would sell No voters out for a deal with the SNP.

His intervention came as Mr Corbyn prepares for a two-day visit to Scotland.

Scottish Conservative MSP Annie Wells said:

“This is an important intervention from a highly respected former Labour MP.

“Labour voters don’t have to agree with everything the Scottish Conservatives do or say.

“But if they’re serious about keeping Scotland in the UK and finally moving on from a decade of chaos and division, there really is only one party for them.”




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The remarks by Tom Harris can be seen here:

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