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Sturgeon confirms she wants indyref2 within 6 months

Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed securing a second independence referendum is her priority, and that she wants it to happen in the first half of next year.

She was challenged by Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw at First Minister’s Questions today on the fact she’s calling for two referendums in 2020.

With Jeremy Corbyn demanding a Brexit re-run by June, Ms Sturgeon said she wanted to see an independence poll prioritised over that.

The First Minister’s comments came as Mr Corbyn weakened his position on indyref2 still further during a visit to Dundee today.

Today’s remarks also cast doubt on the First Minister’s previous claim that this General Election was about stopping Brexit for the SNP, rather than pushing separation.

And by admitting again that independence was her “priority”, it shows the nationalists aren’t serious about key devolved issues such as health, education and justice.


Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed she wants to see an independence referendum before another Brexit vote.

“Any pro-UK voters who are tempted to vote for Nicola Sturgeon at this election now know the truth - she’s trying to take you for a ride.

“She’ll use your vote, and it’ll be an independence referendum she’ll be promoting first, second and last.

“And with Labour committed to a June re-run for the EU question, Nicola Sturgeon’s plan would mean an independence referendum within six months.

“Nicola Sturgeon has spent years telling voters in Scotland that she wants to wait to see how Brexit plays out before calling another independence referendum.”

“Yet now she wants to hold that vote first, before Labour’s second EU referendum would take place.”

“It’s a shambolic logic which is going to fall to pieces.”


On Jeremy Corbyn’s latest position on a second independence referendum, Mr Carlaw added:

“Given how his position on a second independence referendum has weakened every time he has come to Scotland, pro-UK supporters in Scotland will be glad Mr Corbyn isn’t staying another day.

“Nobody now can have the slightly shred of doubt – Mr Corbyn is a clear and present danger to the most successful political union in history.

“He must be stopped – and only a vote for the Scottish Conservatives will do that.”


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