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Jeremy Corbyn: I’m not a unionist

Jeremy Corbyn has confessed that he is not a unionist during his gaffe-ridden visit to Scotland.

The Labour leader was asked directly by STV: “Would you consider yourself a unionist.”

He responded: “No… I would consider myself a socialist.”

He then refused to state whether he’d campaign for Scotland to remain part of the UK in any upcoming referendum re-run.

The admission rounds off a disastrous two-day visit north of the border for the Labour leader.

He’s been harangued by protestors, disowned by former ministers from his own party, and derided for his weakness on Scotland’s constitutional future.

Scottish Conservative MSP Annie Wells said:

“It seems Jeremy Corbyn came to Scotland just to tell No voters he’d sell them out.

“Not only does he want another independence referendum, but it doesn’t even sound like he’d bother campaigning for Scotland to be part of the UK during it.

“Labour has abandoned all hope of standing up to the SNP.

“Only the Scottish Conservatives are serious about Scotland’s place in the UK, and moving on from a decade of chaos and division.”



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