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Wells: Parties must act to promote female candidates

ALL political parties must do more to encourage women to stand as candidates, Scottish Conservative MSP Annie Wells said today, as the party staged a Scottish Conservative Women street stall in Glasgow.

The street stall was arranged to highlight the party’s highest number of female candidates at a general election, with 23 women standing in Scotland’s 59 seats.

Ms Wells said that while there was far more to be done, the increase was a sign of “progress”.

Scotland Conservative Women is a new organisation within the party designed to support women who stand in elected positions.


Annie Wells, MSP for the Glasgow Region said today:

“This is the highest number of female candidates who have stood for the Scottish Conservatives at a general election. There is still much more to be done, but it’s good to see progress being made to get more women to come forward to stand as candidates for the party.”

“At a time when some women say they are being hounded out of politics, it’s vital that parties mentor and encourage more women to come forward and the Scottish Conservatives are committed to doing that.”

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