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NHS staff shortages jeopardise progress on cancer survival

Staff shortages in Scotland’s NHS are thwarting attempts to improve the early diagnosis of cancer, a key report has found.

Holyrood’s Cross Party Group on cancer will today present findings about survival of cancer and how that is being impacted by a lack of specialist workers.

It will state that the SNP government’s work on tackling cancer hasn’t taken a long-term approach and ministers haven’t set aside enough money for it.

That has limited the chances of increasing early diagnosis of cancer, something that is key to reducing the number of deaths from the disease.

Scottish Conservative shadow health secretary Miles Briggs said:

“This is another stark warning that the SNP government’s shambolic stewardship of the NHS is harming Scotland’s cancer patients.

“There simply aren’t enough staff to do the job and, after more than 12 years in sole control of health, the SNP must explain why that is.

“They have been warned repeatedly about the impact of this not just on very sick and vulnerable patients, but on over-stretched staff too.

“A damning report like this must spur this complacent SNP government into action.”


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