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Sturgeon’s “delusion and double-standards” on independence

The Scottish Conservatives have attacked Nicola Sturgeon’s “delusion and double-standards” on the impact of independence following her ITV interview last night.

Quizzed following the TV debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, the First Minister insisted that an independent Scotland would create no borders, would not join the Euro, and that the country’s £12.6 billion deficit could be easily managed.

She also confirmed that, even if the UK remained in the European Union, she would still demand a second independence referendum next year.

Paul Masterton, Scottish Conservative candidate for East Renfrewshire said:

“Nicola Sturgeon spends every waking hour desperately talking up the downsides of the UK’s departure from the EU. Yet, when it comes to Scotland leaving our own Union, she suddenly can’t see what the fuss is all about.”

“According to her, we’d leave the UK and there’d be no borders, we’d stay out of the euro, and we’d sort out our deficit at no cost whatsoever.”

“The First Minister is utterly deluded. What’s remarkable is she doesn’t even seem to recognise her own double-standards.”

He added:

“For three years, Nicola Sturgeon has claimed the Brexit vote as a justification for a second independence referendum. Now she’s confirmed that even if we were to remain in the EU, she’d demand another referendum next year anyway. Outside the EU or inside – it doesn’t matter; all that matters to Nicola Sturgeon is taking Scotland out of the UK.”

“Voters at this election need to know - Nicola Sturgeon will play the ardent Remainer prior to December 12th– and then re-emerge as the ideological nationalist the day after. Every vote she wins will be used as a wedge to drive the UK apart.”

“The only way to stop the division and get the country moving forward together is by voting Scottish Conservatives.”

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