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Roads crisis as maintenance bill tops £3bn

The maintenance backlog on Scotland’s roads now tops £3 billion, a Holyrood committee has heard.

In a letter to transport minister Michael Matheson, the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee stated the repairs backlog for trunk roads currently stood at £1.2 billion, with an additional £1.8 billion for local roads.

This coincides with a 26 per cent decline in local roads funding over the last five years, the letter stated.

The committee warned that “current expenditure levels are not enough to prevent further deterioration in the condition of roads across Scotland”.

Scottish Conservative shadow transport minister Jamie Greene said:

“These figures are a damning indictment on the SNP’s failure to manage our roads network.

“Now, after 12 years of nationalist neglect, Scotland has £3 billion of repair backlogs and 150,000 potholes.

“Our roads are the worst in the UK and in a state of chronic decline – cracks and potholes are now becoming the norm.

“It’s clear that the current approach is not working and unless the SNP changes course our roads network will continue to deteriorate.

“Our plans for a pothole action fund would see £100 million ringfenced for road repairs and invested over the course of the next parliament.”

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