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Scots Tories back 2030 World Cup bid for Scotland

A STRONG group of Scottish Conservative MPs will push for the UK and Ireland to stage the 2030 football World Cup.

The message was set out today by former Aberdeen goalkeeper Derek Stillie, who is standing for the Scottish Conservatives in Central Ayrshire.

The party is pushing to overturn the SNP’s 1,200 majority in the seat.

In Sunday’s UK manifesto, the party committed to build on the fantastic track record that the UK has in delivering major international sporting events – with a commitment to supporting a potential UK and Ireland 2030 World Cup bid.

Mr Stillie said today that Scottish Conservative MPs would work to deliver the tournament so Scottish cities could stage World Cup games.

Derek said:

“Football is in Scotland’s blood. It’s part of our DNA. And what better way to get a new generation involved in our national game than to see World Cup games being played on Scottish soil?”

“That’s why I’m delighted that our manifesto yesterday committed us to backing the 2030 World Cup bid. Bringing the World Cup to Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland is something we can all get behind.”

“I hope the SNP come on board with this plan. The great pity, however, is that instead of finding ways to work together, all Nicola Sturgeon and her group of Westminster candidates are focussed on is the division that would be created by another referendum.”

“Scotland wants no more of it – and It has to stop.”

“I’m taking off my gloves to stand as a Scottish Conservative MP because I want to take Scotland forward. So instead of sending MPs to Westminster to create more division, I’m asking people to send Scottish Conservatives like me to go to Westminster to bring back positive change for Scotland.”


Notes to editors:

The UK Conservative manifesto yesterday declared that “we would back a potential UK and Ireland bid for the 2030 FIFA World Cup.”

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