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Scottish Conservatives “the only challenger” to the SNP

THE Scottish Conservatives are the “only credible challenger” to the SNP, today’s UK-wide YouGov poll has shown.

Analysis of the poll, published in today’s Times, shows that in a majority of Scottish constituencies, the contest is between the SNP and the Scottish Conservatives.

Seats where the Scottish Conservatives are now the only potential challenger to the Nationalists include Lanark and Hamilton East, Central Ayrshire, and Argyll and Bute.

The results set out a clear message to voters in Scotland that, if they want to beat the SNP, a vote for the Scottish Conservative is the only way to do so.

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“This poll confirms that, in seat after seat across Scotland, the Scottish Conservatives are the only credible challenger to the SNP.”

“The facts of this election in Scotland are now very clear.”

“Nicola Sturgeon is on record saying she will use every vote and every seat she wins to push for another referendum on independence next year. Not sometime in the future – within 12 months.”

“If people want to stop that, the only choice is to vote Scottish Conservative. A vote for anyone else will simply allow Nicola Sturgeon to win.”


Analysis of the polling shows that the Scottish Conservatives are in the lead in 11 seats and second in 20.

It shows:

In Lanark and Hamilton East, the Scottish Conservatives are on 34% compared to Labour’s 18%

In Central Ayrshire, the Scottish Conservatives are on 36% to Labour’s 14%

In Argyll and Bute, the Scottish Conservatives are on 34% compared to the LibDem’s 20%

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