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Distracted Sturgeon oversees kids’ mental health crisis

Hundreds of children have been waiting for more than a year for mental health care as the SNP government continues to miss its treatment targets spectacularly.

Figures released today show that, as of September, there were 602 youngsters who’d been forced to wait beyond 52 weeks for treatment to start, the second worst level on record.

The SNP government is supposed to ensure 90 per cent of children and young people commence treatment for mental health issues within 18 weeks.

But right across Scotland that performance continues to fall woefully short.

In September, 38.1 per cent had already breached that target.

This is despite a commitment by the SNP in its programme for government to provide “speedier access to specialist care” for young people with mental health problems.

Scottish Conservative mental health spokeswoman Annie Wells said:

“This is yet another appalling failure from an SNP government that’s been distracted by issues elsewhere.

“Ensuring our young people have access to thorough and prompt mental health treatment should be a priority for this nationalist government.

“Instead, it spends all its time grandstanding and trying to break up the UK.

“It’s a disgraceful approach, and one for which our most vulnerable young people are paying the price.”



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