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Labour voters urged to “lend” their vote to stop Indyref2

LABOUR voters are being urged today to “lend” their vote to the Scottish Conservatives on Thursday to stop Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for Indyref2.

At an event in the Lanark and Hamilton East constituency, three Scottish Conservative politicians who come from Labour backgrounds and communities will speak about their own decision to support the party.

They are calling on people who have voted Labour in the past to give backing to the only party that has the strength and resolve to stop Indyref2 happening next year.

Nicola Sturgeon has said she wants a referendum to take place within 12 months. Jeremy Corbyn has said he will not “block” a referendum.

It comes with two full days of campaigning left, and with numerous SNP-Scottish Conservative marginal seats in Scotland on a knife edge.

Speaking at today’s event, Adam Tomkins, MSP for Glasgow region said:

“Until I joined the party, I’d never even voted Tory. But I joined because, like so many other people in Scotland I realised that the Scottish Conservatives are the only party dedicated—come what may—to protecting Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom. Everyone else runs scared of Nicola Sturgeon. But not us. Everyone else would cave in to Nicola Sturgeon. But not us. Everyone else would cut a deal with Nicola Sturgeon—even if that meant an unwanted second independence referendum. But not us. Not now. Not ever.”

“If you want an end to Nicola’s independence obsession, vote Scottish Conservative and Unionist on Thursday. If you want a government that will deliver, not only on Brexit but on schools and skills and jobs and hospitals too, vote Scottish Conservative and Unionist on Thursday. Even if you’re not a Scottish Conservative, and you just want someone to stand tall and to stand up to Nicola Sturgeon and to stand up for Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom, vote Scottish Conservative on Thursday.”

Annie Wells, MSP for Glasgow region said:

“When I was growing up in Springburn, I was Labour. My family were Labour. We were all Labour. Now, my mum is a member of the Scottish Conservatives, and not only to support her daughter. And my dad wouldn’t recognise Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. I know that because when I speak to people in Govanhill, in Springburn, in Possil, they tell me they can't support this Labour Party.”

“Corbyn has admitted he’s not a unionist. So has Richard Leonard. They’ve both said they ‘won’t stand in the way’ of a second independence referendum. So on Thursday, it’s up to you, Labour voters. If you want to remain in the UK, if you’re scunnered by Sturgeon, I’m asking you to make a big call this election. This one time, lend the Scottish Conservatives your vote - and we’ll stop indyref2 and stop Nicola Sturgeon.”

Meghan Gallacher, Scottish Conservative candidate for Motherwell and Wishaw said:

“Growing up on a Council estate, it was almost unheard of to vote Conservative. I was told: ‘You can’t vote Tory if you are from a working-class background.’ I used to believe this. There is now only one true Unionist Party in Scotland that can take on the Nationalists.”

“My appeal to Labour voters is this. This isn’t about you changing to become a Tory, it’s about you lending us your vote on this occasion because the Leaders of your Party no longer defend the Union. There might be some hesitation from you but please think of this. Should Jeremy Corbyn win, it will be a Friday 13th horror story. Whilst listening to Jeremy Corbyn making his victory speech outside the steps of 10 Downing Street, Nicola Sturgeon will also be preparing to announce that the new Prime Minister has signalled his support for a second independence referendum, just 5 years since the last vote. Some of my friends and family from this area have already committed to backing the Scottish Conservatives as a once in a lifetime vote because they know that we are the only Party who can stand in the way of Nicola Sturgeon and her plans to break up our United Kingdom. There is a clear choice on Thursday. We can vote for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party who will say no to a second independence referendum or we can relive the divisions of the past created by the SNP.”

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