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Sturgeon should put health secretary Freeman in ‘special measures’

Nicola Sturgeon should place health secretary Jeane Freeman in “special measures” after her latest statement on Glasgow’s hospital crisis failed to deliver, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

Ms Freeman again failed to answer key questions as she updated MSPs on the situation at the Queen Elizabeth hospital, where the deaths of children are being linked to contaminated water.

She repeated how the health board was now in “special measures” – where an external body removes responsibility from bosses running the hospital.

Shadow health secretary Miles Briggs said the latest failed statement was more proof that his counterpart should resign or be sacked over the scandal.

Scottish Conservative shadow health secretary Miles Briggs said:

“Nothing Jeane Freeman said in this statement suggests she is in control of this crisis.

“While she spins away, the families are deprived of the answers they need and deserve.

“The families have lost confidence in her as health secretary, and so have NHS staff, and who can blame them?

“We all know where the buck stops, and it’s time Nicola Sturgeon put Jeane Freeman in special measures and appointed a new health secretary.”

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