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Police Scotland £50m black hole could cost 750 police officers

The Scottish Conservatives have accused the SNP of running Police Scotland ‘into the ground’ after Audit Scotland admitted that the organisation is facing a £50 million black hole.

Giving evidence to the Public Audit and Post-legislative Scrutiny committee of the Scottish Parliament, Audit Scotland officials stated that without £50 million in additional funding from the Scottish Government, 750 police officers could have to be cut. 

In addition, the Audit Scotland report to the committee outlined that the Scottish Police Authority needs a long term cash injection of £298 million over the next nine years in order to have sufficient information technology to support essential policing going forward.

These funding issues have been raised while Police Scotland is having to deal with rising sexual crime, crimes of fraud and a 10 percent rise in violent crime over the last year alone.

Liam Kerr, Scottish Conservative shadow justice secretary said;


“This massive funding black hole shows the SNP is running Police Scotland into the ground.

“Our police officers have been saying that they do not have sufficient funding for some time, but the SNP continues to sit on their hands.

“Under the SNP we have seen significant increases in sexual crime, violent crime and crimes of fraud which all heap increased pressure on our police service.

“The SNP cannot expect Police Scotland to function properly without enough cash so this could jeopardise public safety.

“Under the SNP our prisons are overcrowded, courts are overflowing and now police numbers could be cut by 750 – that’s a disgraceful record.”

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