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Labour finally sells out to the SNP over indyref2

Labour leader Richard Leonard has confirmed his willingness to surrender to the SNP over a second independence referendum.

It has been reported that he will ask the party’s Scottish executive committee about backing the divisive re-run.

It completes the party’s journey from backing the union in 2014 and being key players in Better Together, to waving through the nationalists’ plot to break up the UK.

And it means, by the summit in May, Labour could have abandoned their pro-union stance altogether.

That leaves the Scottish Conservatives as the only major party opposed to a second referendum vote and instead focusing on improving public services and the economy.

Scottish Conservative chief whip Maurice Golden said:

“This indicates Labour’s long and painful surrender to the SNP.

“Ever since the independence referendum, they just haven’t been serious about Scotland’s place in the union.

“Now Richard Leonard has confirmed his willingness to break it up altogether.

“This move is a disgraceful sell out of the two million No voters, many of whom identified as lifelong Labour supporters.

“But those people can be assured the Scottish Conservatives will never turn our back on them or the UK.”




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