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SNP ministers show true colours with flags and indyref2 debates

The SNP government is revealing its true priorities by forcing debates in Holyrood this week on flags and independence, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

Nicola Sturgeon will stage a debate tomorrow on a second independence referendum, despite the UK Government categorically ruling out such a vote.

And it’s now emerged that SNP ministers will also crowbar a 30-minute debate about whether or not to fly the EU flag from the Scottish Parliament as part of business shortly before the independence motion.

That all leads up to another statement on separation from the First Minister which is planned for Friday.

These debates and statements are all taking place despite the dire state of Scotland’s NHS, the crisis in schools, and the fact the economy north of the border repeatedly lags behind the rest of the UK.

Scottish Conservative chief whip Maurice Golden said:

“The SNP isn’t even pretending to care about other issues now.

“Valuable time in the Scottish Parliament should be used to address the very severe problems in our hospitals or the crisis engulfing our education system.

“Instead, the nationalists want to revert to the only subject they excel in – stoking up constitutional division.

“It’s completely ridiculous that the governing party of Scotland is dominating business like this on two matters which have already been decisively resolved.

“But for them this isn’t about improving Scotland’s economy or public services, or even enhancing the prospects of the population.

“It’s about playing to the independence gallery, and trying to cause a ruckus between Scotland and England in the hope it pushes up support for separation.”

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