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Sturgeon’s indyref2 pursuit ‘entirely wrongheaded’

Nicola Sturgeon’s vow to keep fighting for another independence referendum is “utterly predictable and entirely wrongheaded”, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

The First Minister took to the stage today to tell supporters she would embark on a number of plans to keep the divisive debate going in Scotland.

But she disappointed supporters, including senior politicians in her own party, but pouring cold water on the prospect of a “wildcat” referendum.

Instead, she will look to set up a “convention” on the issue, and double campaign spending on promoting the break-up of the UK.

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“This was a downbeat statement from First Minister faced with the reality that will be no referendum anytime soon.

“However, Nicola Sturgeon’s determination to plough on with preparations for another vote on independence is predictable, depressing and entirely wrong-headed.  

“People across Scotland are sick and tired of her relentless pursuit of a referendum they simply don’t want.

“What people do want is action now to improve education, health, policing and all the other services they rely upon.

“On the day we leave the EU they want a government which focuses on Scotland's economy and jobs.

“And they want Nicola Sturgeon to put her referendum plans where they belong – firmly on the backburner.

“We’ve wasted more than a decade endlessly debating independence. Now we need to put divisive constitutional politics to one side and deal with the real and immediate issues facing Scotland in the 2020s.

“Ms Sturgeon is more than welcome to campaign for independence in her own time.

“But when it comes to being First Minister, it’s surely time for Scotland to demand that she focus on the things that are actually important.”

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