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A&E waits worst on record across the board

Waiting times at A&E for four, eight and twelve hours are the worst on record according to the latest statistics published today.

Figures released by ISD Scotland show that only 83.8 percent of patients were seen within the four-hour target in December last year, the lowest since 2011 when records began.

In addition, those waiting over 12 hours at A&E has increased again to an all time high of 1,107, beating the previous month’s all time high by an additional 120 patients.

Lastly, even eight hour waits are the worst ever, with 3,899 patients waiting longer than 8 hours according to records on ISD Scotland.

In 2011, 95.9 percent of patients were seen within the four hour target meaning that the number of patients waiting over this crucial time has increased by almost 12 percent.

In 2011 only 71 patients waited longer than 12 hours. This has increased by over a thousand to the 1,107 patients now waiting longer than 12 hours before treatment.

Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative shadow health secretary said:


“This is an utter disaster - these are the worst figures for every single measure of waiting times at A&E.

“The SNP has caused this crisis by cutting beds and failing to support primary care.

“Patients are waiting in pain, discomfort and distress which in turn significantly affects staff.

“The SNP has had 13 years to improve our NHS for patients and staff and this is the result – rock bottom performance across the board.

“Our Scottish NHS is falling apart and the SNP is arguing over flags and lighting up buildings in Europe.

“The people of Scotland deserve better, they deserve a Scottish Government that cares about them.”



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