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Bridge crisis exposes SNP government in ‘throes of capitulation’

The latest closure of one of Scotland’s most critical transport routes exposes an SNP government in the “throes of capitulation”, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

The Queensferry Crossing shut in both directions yesterday after ice fell onto several cars.

The issue of ice forming on the structure and falling onto vehicles was identified as an issue last winter, but hasn’t been addressed in the 12 months since.

Now it’s thought the bridge could be closed until tomorrow, with the former crossing – the Forth Road Bridge – also out of action.

It’s set to cause massive disruption to workers on both sides of the Forth, as well as businesses across the country who rely on the route.

Infrastructure is the latest devolved issue which has come under the microscope, with the SNP’s performance on health, education and the economy also under fire in recent years.

And it’s the latest transport crisis for the nationalist administration, with new ferries being delayed and running well over budget, trains in chaos, and roads needing hundreds of millions of pounds worth of repairs.

Scottish Conservative Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Murdo Fraser said:

“This is another major SNP failing when it comes to devolved responsibilities.

“The SNP commissioned, planned and built this bridge – now it must be fully accountable that things are going wrong.

“It’s been abundantly clear in recent years that the nationalists have made a complete mess of our schools and hospitals.

“Now their performance on major infrastructure projects needs to come under the microscope too.

“This is a government in the throes of capitulation – people are losing trust in its conduct, its reputation and its record.

“This latest closure is yet again causing huge disruption to people in Fife, as well as businesses who rely on this crossing on a daily basis.

Scottish Conservative shadow transport minister Jamie Greene said:

“Despite repeated promises by SNP ministers that falling ice would not be an issue, the first sign of snow this winter and the bridge is closed to traffic in both directions for a significant period of time.

“Questions are now being asked as why this issue hasn’t been addressed despite it being known about last winter.

“As usual, the SNP is quick to cut ribbons and stick flags on things when there are still major technical safety issues.

“Be it roads, bridges, ferries, trains or planes - whatever it is the SNP touches seems to end in financial or logistical disaster for the taxpaying public.

“This is beyond political incompetence - it’s now borderline negligence and the general public are sick and tired of it.

“This is what happens when the SNP government is embroiled in internal affairs and sidetracked by independence - it takes its eye off the ball on these big infrastructure projects and it’s the taxpayer who has to cough up.”


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