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Conservatives Slam Lacklustre SNP/Labour Budget

The Conservative Group on Fife Council has described the SNP/Labour Budget, which is likely to be voted through tomorrow (Thursday 27th) as “lacklustre” and “do nothing”.

Conservative leader, Cllr Dave Dempsey said “For years, we’ve been told that carrying on doing things as we have been isn’t an option. For years, we’ve watched SNP and Labour Administrations slice away at council budgets without bringing forward the innovative ideas necessary to do things differently and more cost effectively. Instead of always calling for more money from the public, the Council needs to focus what it does spend on what the public needs and wants.

“This year’s offering sees the princely sum of £100k for new initiatives. That’s about an hour’s worth of Council expenditure spread across a whole year. The clue is in their own commentary – ‘The two political groups forming the Council’s Joint Administration have very different views on the approach taken by the Scottish Government and the adequacy and fairness of the funding settlement for local government’. Fife SNP and Fife Labour can no longer agree on anything much apart from voting down any ideas from the Conservatives.

“They couldn’t even come up with ideas for the extra funds that everyone knew were coming and have now been announced. That’s because the SNP Government at Holyrood claimed there was no extra money, the SNP in Fife have to slavishly follow that and Labour are too supine to say otherwise.

“In contrast, the Fife Conservatives have come up with a string of initiatives to address the public’s clearly expressed concerns. From the same starting point, we would reverse reductions in opening hours at swimming pools and recycling centres. We’d harness the expertise of the Third Sector to better target the Council’s Holiday Hunger money. And, as backup, we’d allocate significant sums to each of Fife’s seven Areas to plug the gaps when decisions made at the centre have unforeseen and undesirable consequences in localities.

“We would innovate. We just need the chance.

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