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Scottish Conservatives welcome budget measures

A series of budget announcements boosting growth and supporting public services in Scotland has been welcomed.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed hundreds of millions of pounds worth of measures to help people and businesses north of the border today.

Scotland will receive an additional £640 million in Barnett Consequentials, on top of the £1.3 billion announced last year, he confirmed.

Among those to benefit was the whisky industry who, as well as receiving a duty freeze, will get £40 million to invest in greener technologies.

There will also be a £25 million investment in a growth deal for Argyll and Bute.

Shadow finance secretary Donald Cameron welcomed the numerous measures unveiled to combat the health and economic threats posed by the coronavirus, including assistance for business, low-paid workers and as many resources for the NHS as it requires.

Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary Donald Cameron said:

“This was an excellent budget for both Scotland and the whole UK, and at a time when we need it most.

“The chancellor made clear we are well prepared for the challenges coronavirus will bring, and that workers and businesses will be protected as much as possible.

“It’s essential the Scottish Government now steps up to take similar action to ensure people in Scotland are afforded the same reassurances.

“The budget also delivered an extra £640 million in Barnett Consequentials for Scotland, which is in addition to the £1.3 billion announced last year.

“It all confirms that this is a Conservative UK Government which invests in Scotland, and is committed to economic growth and boosting public services.

“If the SNP government was anything like as committed, people and businesses would be in a far better shape.”


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