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Pledge to work together to minimise school closure disruption

Shadow education secretary Jamie Greene has said the Scottish Conservatives will work constructively with both the UK and Scottish governments following the announcement of school closures.

Children will need to stay at home from next week, possibly until the summer, as coronavirus cases in Scotland continue to rise, it was confirmed today.

And Mr Greene stated the Scottish Government would continue to have his party’s full support as the crisis accelerates.

He added that questions still remain about how key emergency service workers would be supported with childcare, but vowed to “work together on practical solutions” over coming months.

Scottish Conservative shadow education secretary Jamie Greene said:

“This is an unprecedented move which was unfortunately inevitable as each of the UK’s devolved governments take advice relevant to their own circumstances.

“This will undoubtedly be of huge concern to parents who rely on their children attending school to allow them to go to work as well as those facing imminent exams.  

“Given those challenges, it is vital that we put normal politics aside to support these decisions and work together on practical solutions to minimise the disruptive consequences of them.  

“There remain questions over how key workers in emergence services will be supported with childcare but we will support both the UK and Scottish government as they take these very difficult decisions.”




Notes to editors:


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon made the announcement earlier today:

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