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Jackson urges greater support for self-employed

Jackson Carlaw, Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, has today urged Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer to help and support self-employed Scots.

In a letter to Mr Sunak, Jackson asks the Chancellor to “deliver support to this vital part of our economy” as self-employed workers are “seriously affected by the restrictions that have been placed on society and, as a result, have also seen their livelihoods disappear.”

Currently there are approximately 320,000 self employed Scots.

Jackson also welcomes the unprecedented and wide-ranging economic support measures that have already been put in place for workers across the UK.

Unfortunately, he goes on to state, many self-employed workers do not yet understand how these measures will help them which is why further support is necessary.


Jackson Carlaw, Scottish Conservative leader said;

“Self employed people make up a significant proportion of our economy and are just as affected by the restrictions we are all facing.

“The unprecedented measures already announced by the Chancellor are extremely welcome, but we must do more to help this specific sector of our economy.

“A further tailored suite of measures will ensure that 320,000 Scots get through this crisis.

“We all recognise the gravity of the situation and the Scottish Conservatives will continue to work with both the UK and Scottish governments to support all Scots.”

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