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Fife Conservatives call for fast track planning and licensing to restart local economy

 Fife Conservatives have called on Fife Council to ensure that local businesses are not hamstrung by red tape as the Corona lock-down is eased.

Councillor Andy Heer said, “Many businesses will have to take special measures to enable social distancing when they get back to work.”

“A prime example is in the hospitality sector which features so strongly in the Fife economy.”

“For example a pub might put tables and chairs in the car park to enable families to enjoy a meal or a drink at a social distance from others. This would require a variation in their liquor licence and possibly planning permission for change of use.”

“They can’t afford the weeks or months that it would normally take to obtain these permissions especially if they are to take advantage of whatever summer trade remains.”

“Today I have written to the Chief Officer of Planning and to Fife Licensing Board to ask that fast track procedures be put in place to enable businesses to recover as quickly as possible.”

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