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Fife Conservatives call for stronger fly tipping measures

Fife Conservative councillors are calling for stronger government laws to prevent fly tipping.

Environment Spokesperson Councillor Andy Heer said,

“We’ve always had a problem with fly tipping but with recycling centres closed during the present crisis it’s hit a new peak.”

“The problem is that as the law stands it is very difficult to successfully prosecute fly tippers. The demands of proof and corroboration are so high that even when there are photographs or video of someone actually dumping rubbish it’s very hard to secure a conviction.”

“On the rare occasion when there is a successful prosecution the resultant fine is often less than it would have cost to dispose of the waste properly and the sanction of confiscation of the vehicle used is hardly ever imposed so there is very little incentive not to fly tip.”

Councillor Gavin Ellis, Dunfermline North, explained,

“One of the fundamental issues is that the Environmental Protection Act isn’t effective in dealing with fly tipping. We need to look at creating a new standalone piece of legislation for fly tipping where it’s a simple offence with simple consequences.”

“This is not something that can be done at Council level but needs new legislation through the Scottish Parliament.”

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