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Fife Conservatives call for clarity on recycling centres re-opening.

Fife Conservatives are calling for more information to be made available on when and how recycling centres will re-open.


Environment spokesperson Councillor Andy Heer said,


There appears to be a general consensus from everyone apart from the Scottish Government that recycling centres across Scotland could re-open on June 1st.


I have been told that there will be an online booking system to prevent queues of vehicles and that there will be police on duty to control traffic and to protect staff from abuse.


I am also told that due to space constraints the centres will only be able to accept certain types of waste and staff will not be allowed to assist the public so no-one should expect help with heavy or awkward objects.


Councillors are being asked every day about when the recycling centres will re-open and it’s time that the Government and Council made clear when and how this is going to happen.


People want to know what’s going on and keeping them in the dark simply perplexes and frustrates them”

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