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Ruth writes to Friends of the Union a year on
Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has written to tens of thousands of members of a campaign group set up by the party to speak up for Scotland’s place in the UK.
A year on from the vote which saw Scotland decide to remain part of Britain, she thanked members of Conservative Friends of the Union for their support.
But she also warned the job wasn’t yet complete, with the SNP still threatening the prospect of a second referendum, despite last year’s decisive defeat.
Below is the text of the letter from Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson:
“This time last year, Scotland was holding its breath. I hadn't realised how much our UK meant to me until we were fighting for its survival.
Of course there were a lot of nerves in those last few days. 

But I never wavered in my belief that we would come out on top.

Not because I was complacent - but simply because our case stacked up.

Yes, there were the financial and economic elements of that case, which have only been strengthened in the twelve months since the referendum. 

But there was the positive power of our beliefs too: that Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are no less countries for being part of a Union; indeed, that – together – we've always been more than the sum of our parts.

We are four nations, bound together by shared events and common values, and we always will be.

Many people came together – from all pro-UK parties and none – to secure the resounding victory for the Union last year.

A year on, I want to thank you again for the work you did.

It was your support that helped get us over the line. 

And I want to remind people of the work still to do.

Before the referendum last year, Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond said last year's referendum would be a "once in a generation" event.  They also signed a written agreement between Scotland's two governments - in Holyrood and Westminster - that whatever the result, it would be respected.

But over this last week they have torn up those promises.

All sorts of spurious reasons have been given for the u-turn.

Strip away the SNP's spin, however, and it's clear that Nicola Sturgeon intends to press ahead with a re-run of the referendum as soon as she thinks the time is right for her.

In other words, she has put her own party interests before those of the country. She has shown she intends only to be First Minister for the SNP, not First Minister for Scotland.

If we didn't know beforehand, we now know for certain that a vote for the SNP is a vote that takes Scotland back on the path to another referendum.

My fear is that her actions will trap Scotland in a constitutional no-man's land – putting a handbrake on Scotland's future, while the rest of the UK and the world moves on.

Scotland doesn't want to go back to another referendum.

Scotland wants to move forward. Scotland needs to move forward. Scotland must be given the chance to move forward within the UK, as the people of this county voted and demanded it should. 

Our business and our families need us to.

One year on, it's time the SNP put country first and move on as well.‚Äč”
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